We repair both Domestic and Foreign automobiles.

2309 Westfield Street

West Springfield, Mass 01089



25+ Years Of Repairs

Independently Owned & Operated



Specializing in both Domestic and Foreign Auto Repair you can be confident that you will receive extreme personalized attention and information regarding your vehicle.


Major & Minor Repairs

We offer all the latest diagnostic testing that the dealers do.


Our staff will always strive to get to know you, the customer, and only professionally recommend repairs based on your communication and our professional examination of …..what is really broken.


Kuhnel Auto Repair will always prioritize the urgency of a repair if it is needed and fully explain it to you in a way that a customer can understand.

The simplest maintenance, such as an oil change.… one of the most important ongoing maintenance services that should no be neglected. It’s actually called preventative maintenance.

  • Auto Repair Service
  • Repairs
  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Oil Change
  • Suspension
  • Major Auto Repairs
  • Minor Auto Repairs
  • Maintenance








Kuhnel’s Auto Repair Mechanics DO NOT work on commission.


No Commission auto repairs


If something needs to be fixed, it is because it is really broken & with your permission.

Honest Service.   Honest Price.


Feel free to give us call at 413-732-1089

Thank you for your business and or your new business consideration.



The Only Authorized Website To Book Appointments

is here on Kuhnel’s.


*Any business websites claiming or leading you to believe that we offer appointment booking through their websites are doing so without our consent.    Any question about booking auto repairs with Kuhnel Auto Repair, please email us or call 413-734-6204



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